Physical Chemistry II

Zekiye Çınar, Ph.D.

Professor of Physical Chemistry

Course Goals

This course serves as an introduction to chemical kinetics, statistical thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, spectroscopy and molecular modeling. It offers a detailed understanding of chemical phenomena in terms of the structure and dynamics of the molecules involved.

You will first learn the basic principles of chemical equilibrium and chemical kinetics, thus you will gain the ability to approach chemical reactions from a molecular point of view. Then, you will learn the underlying principles of quantum mechanics, how they can be applied to a number of model systems and how the spectra of the molecules are governed by the quantum mechanical properties of molecules. And, finally you will develop the ability to model molecules and chemical reactions, to formulate all the thermodynamic and kinetic parameters in terms of the properties of the atoms and molecules that make up macroscopic chemical systems.

Syllabus ChBE 212

Course Outline: